About Us


The In.Company Business School was born from the need of a group of companies to obtain a long lasting, high quality and specialized formation in a neuralgic​ area of strength: the commercial area.

Being there where business strategies are conceived to reach the customer, consumer and / or the purchaser, from various aspects such as Marketing, Trade Marketing and Sales, we focus on aligning, training and monitoring working teams who direct all their efforts to obtain challenging results that are above the company business expectations.

Understanding that companies operate in a highly dynamic and competitive environment, the In.Company Business School focuses on the most critical resource which can drive the necessary actions to successfully take the company out of the storm: the employees.

We conduct training plans in different modalities through existing or adjusted courses, mutual creation developments or exclusive programs from the business, looking to extract the best out of every single participant without having to move away from the Company environment. We drive the University towards your premise.

Created in Europe, and led by an academic board of teachers with the highest recognition worldwide, nowadays In.Company Business School operates with special emphasis in America and Europe with an experienced team of professionals moving across continents without borders, exchanging their experience and knowledge.

Our "alma mater" is the corporate business environment

In business, we bring knowledge, skills and capabilities in the commercial field to the people generating the highest levels of commitment, passion and competitiveness. ​

Director's Welcome

To form in a highly professional manner executives with work experience and knowledge from their field of work, is a big responsibility because it is all about challenging this adult who is already formed and prepared, to expand his/her way of thinking by allowing them to understand other points of views, better know themselves and incorporate teacher’s experience so they can improve their performance and drive new ideas in line with Company’s objective. From In.Company Business School we insist in...