Training Mode I : Existing Programs

The IBS includes a broad portfolio of programs designed and implemented by our teachers from different parts of the world and are based on different methodologies (classroom activities, exercises in and out of work, and social events) that are developed to optimize learning and maximize the educational process.

The IBS Programs are a guaranteed investment for its proven business effectiveness in different markets and sectors. Our portfolio is continuously updated in order to address the critical challenges at all times and develop the relevant business skills.

Each program is facilitated in a short period of time (duration of 2-5 days) and has been designed for the most demanding executive agendas focused on getting results. Participants are immersed completely to acquire and exchange knowledge and experience between them as well as an international view of the business.

Its transformative impact is immediate, offering conceptual frameworks and practical tools to drive the required significant change not only in the company but also in the participant.

Training executives in IBS reflects our commitment to form responsible leaders who aspire to have a positive and lasting impact on people, business and society.