Training Mode III : Exclusive Programs

Are unique programs created from end to end based on request. Process begins with a thorough understanding of the organization and the business; its corporate vision, mission and objectives; development needs and program objectives. Subsequently the right profile of teachers are selected to create the content and define the most effective educational model. Finally, our expert team of business consultants participate to guarantee the easy to use an content applicability to make a real difference.

The exclusive creation model of IBS is based on a four-stage process that starts with the assessment of need, design, deployment and evaluation (follow up) to ensure that solid foundations are created to deliver sustainable business growth.

Assessment of Need

To develop a program that addresses the most vital concerns of your company, IBS professors conduct an assessment of training needs, underlying problems and challenges of the organization. This Top to Down evaluation of the organization assures the commitment and active participation from all key players of the management organization from the outset.

Custom Design

Composed by teachers and instructional designers, the team of the In. Company Business School works with key people from the company in order to design a program adapted to their particular needs.

Based on the objectives that have been established , teachers develop a curriculum and learning materials. Every aspect of the program - from classroom activities, exercises in and out of work, even social events - are developed to optimize learning and maximize the educational process.

During the program design, we pay particular attention to the type of industry and sectors where the company competes, the market characteristics, terminology and best practices, among other things.


For each program, depending on the profile of participants, teachers are selected with the appropriate methodologies to maximize learning and experience.

Our wide range of international and local teachers allow us to make a thorough selection to meet the objectives set for the program.

The content, flow and exercises are adjusted according to the audience profile to ensure that each session maximizes the learning and development of desired skills and capabilities.

Evaluation and Adjustment

The IBS has the willingness to continue working with any company long after the program concludes. A series of feedback activities are carried out at different times departing from individual assessment of participants, up to managers and directors to not only review the objectives, content and methodology of programs but also the magnitude of the change in behavior and business results.

This in-depth evaluation often leads to adjustments of the various components in order to significantly improve the learning experience for successive groups within the company. The detection of new and better forms and ways for participants to apply their learning also increases the impact of future programs.

Moreover, the commitment of the school to stay informed of relevant changes within companies, their new strategic challenges and goals, contributes greatly to the long term success of the program.