To form in a highly professional manner executives with work experience and knowledge from their field of work, is a big responsibility because it is all about challenging this adult who is already formed and prepared, to expand his/her way of thinking by allowing them to understand other points of views, better know themselves and incorporate teacher’s experience so they can improve their performance and drive new ideas in line with Company’s objective. From In.Company Business School we insist in strengthening personal thoughts and knowledge so that all professionals can find a way to develop themselves and improve their own thoughts and experiences along with their fellow professionals.

Unlike other business schools, the focus of the In.Company Business School, is exclusively on the commercial area, which we consider of deeply strategic importance.

In the In.Company Business School (IBS), we guarantee that professors deeply understand the cultural environment of the company; to be able to develop skills, knowledge and emotions that will contribute to a sense of belonging and corporate identity, using the common language and terminologies shared by all participants that make up a company.

In IBS we are convinced that training in business should be based on competent and strategic application of skills and knowledge. Combining field experience with academic frameworks we offer a unique formula to drive positive impact in the critical aspects outlined in the commercial area.

We are convinced that when teaching is effective it nourishes the ability to think different and improves the performance of individuals in their workplace. We strongly believe that our students quickly becomes change agents that helps to promote better results in companies in which we work at.

It is our job to strengthen the development of the full potential of your highly talented employees, challenging their capabilities to think critically, creatively and proactively.

We develop open-minded leaders, who are able to quickly adapt to changes, worthy promoters of corporate culture in their companies with ethical behavior and innovative thinking.

We are focused on training because we believe in the power of knowledge. We are focused on In.Company training because we believe that people’s potential is developed faster in real environments where they can find the necessary motivation to grow as professionals. Finally, we have put the focus in the commercial area because companies face enormous challenges to win the loyalty of its consumers and buyers. We are convinced that an specialized and tailor-made training is the best tool to drive the necessary knowledge and skills in the modern enterprise.

In that sense In.Company Business School brings the big difference.